3D Printed “Gun” at Reno Airport was Non-Firing Plastic Replica

When this image of a 3D printed “gun” was flashed around the Internet and national news six months ago, I presumed that it was either non-functional or would blow up on any attempt at firing.

Some initial stories only referred to the item as a gun. Later it was reported that it was a non-firing replica.  It turns out that the identification of the item as a plastic replica happened fairly early.

From kolotv.com:

One of 68 firearms discovered in carry-on bags nationally the week ending August 4, 2016, the TSA says it was a realistic replica, loaded with live ammunition.

The TSA says the passenger was offered the option of checking the item in carry-on baggage, but chose to leave it behind. The passenger was not arrested or cited, and continued to his flight with no impact to airport operations.

I was glad to learn that the unfortunate owner was not arrested or cited, and there was no panic or impact on the airport operations.

By Dean Weingarten

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