80-year-old Brownsville Woman Shoots Home Invader

“People are tired of being victimized, so she refused to be a victim in this situation, and she stood up for her and her property,” said Assistant Chief Kelvin Evans of the Brownsville Police Department.

Brownsville police reported to a home invasion early Monday morning.

Once on the scene, they found the victim’s kitchen window had been broken into with a brick.

The 80-year-old victim told police she was in bed when she heard a loud noise coming from the kitchen, that’s when she grabbed her legally owned firearm and went out to check on the noise.

Once in the kitchen, she was confronted by an intruder. “She asked the young man ‘what are you doing here in my house?’ The young man didn’t answer”, but shot a few rounds at the victim instead. The elderly lady wasn’t having any of it, she returned fire striking the young man.

The home invader was able to escape the home after being shot, the elderly lady was unharmed in the shootout.

Evans said. “This wasn’t the only home invasion this Monday morning, the suspect had committed three other crimes that morning as well”

Police were able to track the home invader by the blood trail from the previous shooting. The man is now facing several charges.

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