All credibility lost, Where Do We Go From Here

fake news


Let’s not mince words, Trump has to be the most divisive President in American history. Whether it’s nicknaming Ted Cruz Lyin Ted on the campaign trail in 2016, nicknaming Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas or his multitude of insulting tweets and a barrage of other things too long to list here.

Trump has a knack for insulting people and tugging at their heartstrings.

Furthermore, when it comes to the left-wing media, Trump has a special place in his heart for them. The media has never reported honestly or factually on anything Trump has done since being elected president in 2016. Trump knows this and this is his reasoning for labeling them fake news.

Trump has done such a mind job on the media that no matter what good he’s able to accomplish now, it never gets reported. Trump could pass a law that feeds every hungry person in America tomorrow, while signing the bill, calls Susan a Democrat that didn’t back the bill, an idiot. The media would immediately overlook the bill and it’s important and only report on the fact that Donald Trump called Susan an idiot. That’s how bad the media has it in for him.

The so-called journalist in the media are so narcissistic, their reporting is no longer about the facts and what’s going on in the country, it’s now 24/7 reporting about their feelings and Trump shouldn’t call them the enemy of the people.


Any sane person watching the news today can see that the left-wing media has thrown out all objectivity in reporting. The media no longer captures the interest of many Americans and we are constantly seeking alternative media sources to keep us informed and up to date on relevant news.

The mainstream media no longer caters to the moderates or people on the right, but solely to the angry impeach him mobs. The truth is, it’s very hard to tell if the media can come back from this debacle after Trump’s Presidency.

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