Anti-Gunners Politicians In NJ Launch Stealth Attack

Your immediate action is needed!  Anti-gun politicians in Trenton are quickly mobilizing against Governor Christie’s executive action.  Last week, the Governor announced the adoption of his administrative regulations with respect to concealed carry reform and “justifiable need.”

As a result, anti-gun lawmakers quickly introduced SCR 149.  Unlike most bills, SCR 149 will bypass the committee process, where public input is usually taken, and go straight to the floor for a vote.  The bill was hastily, and without warning, scheduled for floor action in the Senate this afternoon.  The text of the bill was not even made available to the public.  The Assembly is expected to take action on ACR 234, the Assembly companion, on Thursday.

This legislation would support a legal challenge to the Governor’s action.  We have fought for concealed carry reform in New Jersey for years, and now that Governor Christie has taken an important step in that direction, anti-gun politicians are furious and want to thwart this incremental progress.  It’s time for New Jersey to join the 43 other states which have permissive carry laws and the basic fundamental right to self-defense.

It’s imperative that you take action immediately to counter their stealth maneuver.  Pleasecontact your state legislators in addition toSenate and Assembly Leadership members and tell them to vote NO on SCR 149/ACR 234.

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