Are Blacks Too Stupid To Be Allowed To Own Guns?

Victims of the October mass shootings

So why should blacks be allowed to own firearms anyway?

Article I, Section 2, of The U.S. Constitution of 1787 declared blacks to be 3/5 human. This made it easier for Democrats to enact Jim Crow laws.

Jim Crow laws were introduced in 1870 in part to stop free blacks from owning firearms and defending themselves against violent white oppressors.

We are told that Jim Crow laws were enacted after reconstruction to stop free blacks from doing a multitude of things, including seeking retaliation against whites for slavery with firearms.

Today we have repealed many of those old racist laws, however, the rhetoric still lives on today in people like Michael Bloomberg the anti-gun billionaire from NY, and the brainwashed black leaders of the Democratic Party. They’re still pushing that old tired rhetoric of “guns are bad and black people don’t need guns.”

I read an article where Bloomberg was quoted as saying “throw them up against the wall and frisk them.” referring to young black males. This coming from a man who has pumped millions into anti-gun propaganda through his website TheTrace and the AstroTurf group Moms Demand Action (MDA).

Furthermore, let’s follow Al Sharpton’s line of thinking. Whites are racist and they want to commit genocide on the black race. If that is the case, then why are politicians specifically Democrats, making it extremely difficult for blacks to own firearms, especially in impoverished neighborhoods. If we follow his line of thinking, shouldn’t we be making it easier for blacks to own firearms?

We keep hearing America has a serious problem with white supremacy, and white supremacy crime is through the roof.

Every time a white person shoots a black person, Facebook is awash with, “White people are racist and they’re killing us.” Yet, I still hear the rallying cries for gun control from the same group of people the so call “gun control” predominantly affects.

Democratic politicians want the entire country to be like New York, where it is extremely difficult for you to obtain a firearm unless you are rich or politically connected.

The media and the Democrat Party go hand-in-hand when it comes to disarming and brainwashing the black community. They portray black people in movies with guns as gangsters and criminals. Meanwhile, black people in the hood, notably in Chicago, perpetuate this stereotype, making it all too easy for the media to use them as examples for gun control.

Moreover, we are constantly told, if you voted for Donald Trump or support him in any way you are a token black. So what about those blacks that are plastered all over MDA’s Facebook page? The same blacks that are helping them and supporting them in their gun control movement? These people are helping to disarm black people. By their logic, if white people are killing black people, and they are calling for the disarmament of black people, by their own logic aren’t they complicit token blacks.

It really does amaze me when I see middle-age blacks and Jewish people clamoring for gun control.

You would think these two groups out of any other group in America would understand why gun control is a horrible fallacy, at least when it comes to self-protection. These two groups have endured more oppression than any other group in America today apart from Native Americans and Japanese.

After the Holocaust and 400 years of oppression, the last two groups who should be calling for gun control are the Jews and the blacks.

Low-information voters are easily swayed, they don’t seek out information to keep themselves informed. You just need to keep them bombarded with signs of danger, danger, warning. Vote now to save children. And they run out and relinquish their God-given rights.

Despite all the misinformation about shootings MDA Flood their social media with, violent crime with the use of firearms in America is actually on the decline, but if you are an organization that depends on donations to keep your propaganda machine spinning, you can’t tell your members that crime is going down. You won’t get the donations to keep up the propaganda campaign. So, they have to keep you misinformed and in a constant state of fear.

Additionally, trying to take my guns from me in the name of safety is counterproductive, it’s the same as saying. The fire department is ten minutes away, so you don’t need a fire extinguisher.

Consequently, in less than a week, we had two high profile shootings of 11 Jewish people at a Synagogue in Pittsburgh and two Black people at a Kroger grocery store. Ask yourself, is gun free zones and Jim Crow laws working for you?

Have you ever heard the Idiom ‘Death By A Thousand Cuts’ well, that is the state of gun control today.

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