Armed Good Guy Shoots Suspected Robber Inside A T-Mobile Store

An armed robbery suspect was fatally shot Friday night (Feb 10th) inside a T-Mobile store, near the 500 block of St. Andrews Street in the Lower Garden District, NOPD said.

Police Superintendent Michael Harrison said the suspected robber was dead at the scene inside a T-Mobile store in the 500 block of St. Andrews Street. The armed customer who shot him was in police custody, Harrison said, and investigators were examining the incident to determine if the customer will face charges.

Marrero said his son was working when a man came into the store and pulled a gun, telling everyone to get into a back room in the store and open the store’s safe.

The would-be robber was reaching into the safe when a customer shot him multiple times, Marrero said.


Another neighbor, who declined to give her name, said the gunfire “sounded like a cannon.”

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