As Smart Gun Technology Advances, Incidentally so Does The Technology To Defeat It


Bill No. 700 better known as New Jersey Childproof Handgun Law or Smart Gun Law was passed into law in 2002 with the hopes of reducing “gun violence” in New Jersey. The bill also made it illegal to sell, gift or transfer any handguns in New Jersey unless that firearm was a smart gun.

The author’s sole purpose behind crafting the smart gun bill was to end the sale of regular firearms in New Jersey, and for that reason, many manufacturers and gun rights Advocates have temporarily turned their backs on smart gun technology.

In 2014 Andy Raymond the co-owner of Engage Armament in Maryland was poised to be one of the first gun stores in the U.S. to carry the Smart Gun technology, but after mountain calls of opposition and death threats from gun rights activist who fear the law would end the sale of none Smart Guns across the country. Andy feared for his safety and dropped all plans to carry the Smart Gun.

The major selling point for the Smart Gun technology is the fact that only the owner of the firearm would be able to use the firearm either through fingerprint technology or radio signal technology via a watch or a ring worn by the owner of the firearm, if the firearm is not within 10 feet of the owner, it will not fire.

Many gun owners objected and found fault with this technology and for obvious reasons, one popular argument that keeps coming up is the difficulty of gaining access to your iPhone via the fingerprint sensor with wet fingers, this logic can be applied to the Smart Gun, or God forbid you’re injured and your wife has to take the gun and use it to defend herself with only seconds on the clock, but she can’t because you have the signaling device on you or blood is on her fingers or the sensor of the firearm.

After Engage Armament dropped out of selling the Armatix Smart Gun in 2014, NJ Sen Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg said she and others Sen Dems would repeal the 2002 Smart Gun law, only if the NRA backs off its opposition and does nothing to stop the free enterprise of the buying and selling of Smart Guns. However, the NRA has no control over what manufacturers make or sell, neither what consumers purchase.

As technology advances, hackers are always trying to find a way through their systems. Researches at DeepMasterPrints have found a way to generate artificial fingerprints for biometric identification used in Smartphones, Gun Safes, and Smart Guns.

“According to a paper presented at a security conference in Los Angeles, the artificially generated fingerprints, dubbed “DeepMasterPrints” by the researchers from New York University, were able to imitate more than one in five fingerprints in a biometric system that should only have an error rate of one in a thousand.”  Additionally, hackers have found a way to jam the radio signal for the Armatix Smart Gun. Armatix has also filed a patent for a remote kill switch back in 2014.

Now that the Democrats will control the House in 2019, renewed calls for Smart Gun technology has already been broached, but will this hacker information even come up in the discussions.


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