Atheists Get School Nativity Scene Performance Banned

The Freedom From Religion Foundation and the ACLU are celebrating a victory against a school that had a Christmas performance planned which included a live nativity scene and traditional Christmas songs. They sued the school, and the judge granted the ACLU and FFRF an injunction. The issue was brought to light by an offended high school student and one of his parents who went to the ACLU and FFRF for rescue. From The Blaze:

A federal judge has banned a public high school from including a live nativity in this year’s Christmas show, granting a preliminary injunction against the scene and agreeing with secular activist groups that it “conveys a message of endorsement of religion.”

This grants a victory to the American Civil Liberties Union, a civil rights group, and the Freedom From Religion Foundation, an atheist activist organization, against the Concord Community Schools, an Indiana school district that has defended the Christmas play, USA Today reported.

“Each of the songs during that sequence are religious songs that generally align with the story of the birth of Jesus, which further serves to reinforce the religious message that the nativity scene itself conveys,” wrote U.S. District Judge Jon E. Deguilio.

He concluded that both activist groups are correct in their claims about proselytizing and endorsement of religion.

“Accordingly, the court finds that the plaintiffs are likely to succeed on the merits on their claim that the inclusion of the living Nativity scene in the show, as currently proposed, violates the Establishment Clause,” Deguilio wrote.

Atheists routinely refer to the Bible as a book of fairy tales about a mythical “sky god.” If they’re so confident that Christianity is just another myth, and the God of the Bible no more exists than Zeus, then why do they object to literature, music and performances about this “fairy tale?” Would they object if students did a play that included unicorns or the tooth fairy, or featured Santa Claus? Those are myths just as much as Christianity, right? But they wouldn’t want to deprive kids of having fun and portraying Santa Claus in a play. As soon as kids start referencing the “mythical” story of a “nonexistent” man named Jesus, Atheists get outraged. I’ve never seen a group of people so outraged over something they claim isn’t even real.

What Atheists really want is State Atheism, reminiscent of the Soviet Union and other countries aligned with Marxist-Leninism.

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