Blaser targets lady hunters with F16 and R8 Intuition series

Blaser designed the F16 and R8, pictured above, to better fit women’s smaller frames. (Photo: Blaser USA)

Hunting rifles and shotguns connoisseur Blaser sets its sights on women shooters with the addition of the Intuition series of firearms announced Wednesday.

The F16 shotgun and R8 rifle are built to fit lady shooters, offering a more comfortable, consistent feel when shouldering.

Blaser says it realized women shooters often struggle to adjust shooting position around the long gun they’re shooting. In turn, the company decided to develop a Monte Carlo stock that allows female hunters to effortlessly shoulder a gun without having to make adjustments.

“It simply becomes second nature,” Blaser said in a statement.

The stocks are shorter and fitted with a lower positioned butt plate which allows for a firm grip for reduced recoil. Furthermore, the company has made the F16 Microcell recoil pad softer resulting in better absorption and steadier placement. Both models boast finer featured pistol grips better suited for smaller hands.

The F16, available in game and sporting configurations, takes the design even further with the addition of a high drop at the comb and additional cast. The structure gives shooters better movements and swifter acquisition of the target.

The F16 starts at $4,195 while the R8 retails at $4,385.

The F16 features a high drop at the comb and additional cast. (Photo: Blaser USA)


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