Candace Owens Telling our Congress Critters like it is


Given the opportunity, many black center leaning voters would echo the same sentiments to Congress stated here by Candace Owens.

The House Judiciary Committee held a hearing to examine and discuss how to combat white nationalism and hate crimes.

Candace Owens, communications director for Turning Point USA was in attendance and spoke at the hearing.

“If they were serious about the rise of hate crimes, the leftist media would be examining themselves and the hate they have drummed-up in this country.” Owens said.

She also added, “every four years the black community is offered handouts and fear, reparations and white nationalism is the Democrat preview.”

The Democrats know they are losing ground, the party basically has nothing to offer, no Democratic politician today is talking about jobs, homes or our prosperity. Their campaign talking points are now reparations, free healthcare, open borders, socialism, who is blacker and who is more Native American ( Indian).

We are witnessing a race to socialism and single-payer healthcare in America.

The movement Blexit is gaining traction amoung free-thinking black Americans, these black voters are finally coming around, opening their eyes and seeing the Democrat Party for what it really is. The party of segregation, Jim Crow the KKK and much more.

President Donald Trump has single-handedly proven that the Democratic party today does not care about black, brown or poor people.

Additionally, Trump has proven once you take the boot out of the neck of the American people by reducing regulations and lower taxes the American people with their ingenuity will rise and prosper. Something Obama was never able to accomplish the eight years he was in office.

It is not written in stone or anywhere else that if you are a black or brown person you have to be a member of the Democratic Party or that you have to vote for any Democrat.  Furthermore, you don’t have to be a Republican or vote Republican either.

Black voters can venture out and find a party or politician in any party that advocates for their ideals.

Paul Meara of Black Entertainment Television (BET) did a hit piece on Ms. Owens after the Committee hearing, please go take a look at it. “Candace Owens’ Ignorance And Anti-Blackness Was Exposed At A Hearing On White Nationalism” 


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