Cheers to elected officials for their concealed-carry stance

By Russ Regn of Mount Holly

This is in reference to the letter to the editor ( by Nadine Mack, “Proposed gun law will erode NJ citizens’ safety” (March 8), and her aversion to my Second Amendment rights.

I see many advantages to the concealment and/or open carry of weapons. As a licensed and trained user of weapons (which began with my Army infantry service), I can protect myself, family and even Mack, if the occasion rose to do that.

However, I would give up that right if all of the “Hollywood” crowd and elected officials would get rid of their armed bodyguards and their walled-in estates. So the chance of that happening is zilch, null, never.

When asked about guns, former President Barack Obama said, “I don’t need them. I have guys with guns protecting me, my wife and kids.” What a way to describe Secret Service agents.

I don’t have those “guys” to protect my family, so it is necessary to do it myself. I can only do it in my own home, not on the street, in a public place or automobile.

If I were a celebrity or politician who has never worked a real job in his or her life, hates guns, but makes millions on violent movies, I could be safe with an armed bodyguard.

 Cheers to Congressman Tom MacArthur and Gov. Chris Christie for the recent carry proposal.

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