Chris Christie really wants you to have a gun

By Drew Sheneman

It’s no surprise to anyone that America loves guns. There are enough guns in the country for every man, woman, child and goldfish. We’re absolutely lousy with firearms. Despite this near nationwide obsession, New Jersey has managed to maintain fairly rigorous guns laws over the years. Not only do the vast majority of New Jerseyans support these laws, they tend to support making these laws even stricter. The people have spoken and they’ve made it clear, it should be hard to get a gun in New Jersey. That sentiment is what makes Governor Christie’s near constant efforts to loosen gun laws so curious.

 Just a few days ago, the governor announced yet another attempt to loosen the gun laws by giving local law enforcement greater discretion in deciding who can obtain a license to carry a handgun. There are gun rights advocates in each and every state, but no overwhelming ground swell to relax regulations in New Jersey. So who is he doing it for? Is this another attempt to impress the GOP faithful in the hopes of resurrecting his national political profile? Because, I hate to break it too him, that ship has sailed. His chance to be a major player in the national GOP took a nose dive the moment he was filmed staring glassy eyed into the distance as our current president metaphorically pantsed him in front of the nation.

The governor has made it clear he has little interest in governing New Jersey and after several years of wishing he would do his damn job, I think we’ve all come to grips with that. So listen, cool it with the gun stuff and let’s just ride this thing out until next January when you can shuffle off to a brief stint doing afternoon drive on WFAN and we can all get back to our lives.

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