Christmas Under Attack by Professor Grinch

Nielsen reports the Christmas classics and spirit is still alive and well.

Despite many attempts from some on the left to destroy Christmas, the spirit and the meaning behind it, their attempts fall on deaf ears.

It’s 2018 and many can still point to something to be offended by. Disgruntled actors are dredging up misdeeds from your past to publicly shame you, (insert Kevin Hart hear) and the me-too movement has brought down many prominent politicians on both sides of the political landscape along with a few rich high-profile celebrities. However, the metoo movement is far from over, activist today are still claiming scalps.

Now God is in the crosshairs.

Some metoo movement activists have now taken a turn for the crazy. Take the good professor Eric Spankle here.

Either retweeting to show support, or to show how stupid his tweet was, he received over 560 Retweets and 1.7k likes, but as the Nielsen reports shows, not everyone is buying into the “God perpetuating rape culture” Mumbo jumbo.

I’m not here to correct the professor. However, in a country of 325.7 million people and 67 million on Twitter, garnering 560 retweets should tell you how popular his positions really are with today’s Millennials.

Nielsen reported the classic Christmas songs and movies are still in swing and a long time tradition among many American families.

ABC’s showing of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” was the most-watched of a handful of holiday specials that aired in prime-time last week, reaching 5.3 million viewers, the Nielsen company said. It’s a tradition in many households that was first on television in December 1965.


Two other old favorites, “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” and “Frosty the Snowman,” were both seen by more than 4 million people on CBS Saturday night. “Rudolph” dates to 1964, while “Frosty” made his debut in 1969.


Another venerable cartoon, Fox’s “The Simpsons,” impressively hit Nielsen’s top 20 last week with 7.5 million viewers. It has been a regular fixture on Fox’s schedule since 1989, with its origins in some animated shorts that ran two years earlier than that.

Nielsen also reported Adult Contemporary (AC) radio stations are seeing an uptick among Millennials.

let’s enjoy ourselves this Christmas and put the Grinch in the rearview

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