Dana Loesch: Elizabeth Warren is a Racist Hyprocrite


The Senate Democrats stayed up two nights in a row to delay the inevitable confirmation of President Trump’s remaining Cabinet (where was the energy during Benghazi?). Last night, Elizabeth Warren pulled another political stunt as she tried to impugn the character of Jeff Sessions on the Senate floor by accusing him of being a racist. Just as Senate Majority Leader “Mitch-slapped” Warren for breaking the Chamber’s rules, Dana Loesch took to NRATV with Grant Stinchfield to fire off on the hypocrisy of a woman, who once pretended to be Native American, calling someone a racist.

“I think it’s hysterical that this woman, who is a cultural appropriator, who is a race appropriator, that she has the audacity to engage in some sort of race-based attack against someone simply because she doesn’t like their party affiliation and doesn’t wish to see them confirmed to be AG,” said Loesch. “[She’s] a racist hypocrite. Democrats, and particularly all these anti-gun people, need to stop making excuses for the original Rachel Dolezal.”

In case anyone at Media Matters missed it, Loesch made her sentiments clear for NRATV’s biggest fans:

“I’ll reiterate that so the folks at Media Matters for whom we pay the bills over there, so they can get it right. She’s a racist who appropriated an entire ethnicity so that she could get a job at Harvard,” Loesch said.  “And I’ll tell you this, the closet that her ancestors ever came to American Indians was rounding up my ancestors, so let’s get that straight right now if anyone wants to have a discussion on what is or is not racist.”

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