Disarming the Victim- The Latest Shots in the Democrat’s War on Women

By Rob Morse

So let me get this straight.  A man murdered his estranged wife and two innocent children in a California school.  We are so desperate to ignore our own responsibility for self-defense that we blame anything and anyone but the murderer.  We blame the victims, and we disarm people who’ve been attacked and received restraining orders against their attacker.  Instead, politicians across the country blamed the victim and the gun.  Let’s stop pretending that laws stop murderers.  Self-defense stops murderers.

Gun control failed again.  In the recent California case, the murderer was convicted of domestic abuse.  He had a history of drug use, yet he got a gun illegally.  Yes, you read that right.  A criminal got a gun he wasn’t legally allowed to carry in the gun-control-heaven of southern California.  If you were shocked that drug and gun prohibition failed, then hang on because that was just the beginning.  The murderer then illegally concealed the handgun in public.  He illegally transported the firearm in his car.  The armed murderer illegally crossed into a 1000 foot “gun free” school zone.  He illegally brought the gun onto school property.  He illegally brought ammunition onto school property also.  The murderer then illegally discharged the handgun on school property, several times.  He illegally murdered his estranged wife.  He illegally killed two innocent children who were hiding behind his wife.  He then killed himself.

If you read the news coverage of this attack then you would conclude that what we really need is another gun-control law to make what he did illegal.  The reports said we need another gun-control law because the 30 thousand firearms regulations we have already passed failed to stop a suicidal murderer.  Let that sink in for a minute.  Yes, the politicians and the media are that shallow, but their story sells.

We’d rather wallow in fake grief than stop the next attacker.  We’d rather blame the gun than take action to defend ourselves.  Think again if you say that the police will be there to protect you.  They wish they could, but they can’t.

Pretending that evil doesn’t exist cost lives.  Let me remind you about the disarmed victims who died waiting for state permission to defend themselves.  By law, Carol Bowne was supposed to receive her permit to buy a gun in 30 days.  She took out a restraining order against her ex- boyfriend.  This small hairdresser called the police when she saw her attacker near her home and near her work.  The local police in Berlin, New Jersey ignored her.  Carol Bowne died after 45 days of waiting for permission to defend herself.  The anti-gun politicians and police in New Jersey thought it was better to let Carol bleed to death after being stabbed by her attacker on her driveway rather than let Carol have a gun for self-defense.

These New Jersey Politicians have company.  A few weeks ago, Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe of Virginia said that domestic abuse victims don’t need a gun for self-defense.  McAuliffe vetoed a bill that would have let domestic abuse victims receive a temporary permit to carry a gun for self-defense after they had been to court and seen a judge in order to get a restraining order.   The temporary carry permit would be in effect while the victims applied for their state carry license.  Democrat Governor McAuliffe said no,

“The bill perpetuates the dangerous fiction that the victims of domestic violence will be safer by arming themselves.  It would inject firearms into a volatile domestic violence situation, making that situation less safe, not more.”

Governor McAuliffe is right in that Virginia is now a little safer.. if you are a domestic abuser.  McAuliffe made the world tragically worse for the victims of abuse.  McAuliffe and his political supporters can’t, or won’t, distinguish the defenders from the attackers.  McAuliffe has political company.  The elected Democrats in California and New Jersey can’t tell the difference either.  These Democrats will continue to blame the victim and cling to the failed fantasy of gun-control.  These politicians have done everything they can to stop the victims from defending themselves.

Shame on these politicians and shame on the voters who put them in office.  If your significant other beats you and you live in California, Virginia, or New Jersey, then I want  you to leave the state.  Move to a free state and take a firearms class in a hurry.

I’ve a modest proposal.  How about we prepare to defend ourselves if we’re threatened with violence.  Anything works better than sitting there and pretending that evil doesn’t exist.  Do something, but don’t pretend that passing the 30 thousandth gun law is any kind of a solution.  It is a political placebo masquerading as compassion.

The political crazies say that self-defense is really surrendering to violence.  They are wrong.  Please defend yourself and those you love because there is evil in the world; evil that we can’t control with laws.  Move to a free state if you have to, but please take action if you are at risk.  Do it for yourself, for those you love, and those who love you.

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