Facebook Helps Pakistan Ban “Blasphemy” Under Islamic Law


Mark Zuckerberg hits bottom, keeps digging. Remember when young people embraced freedom? Now they are the new fascists, cloaking themselves in the same kind of rhetoric that their twentieth century counterparts did to sell their brand of totalitarianism. My news stories disappear from news feeds and followers of mine on Facebook get “blocked” for sharing links to this site.

What about sharia does Mark Zuckerberg like, specifically? The gender apartheid? Islamic Jew-hatred? Creed apartheid? Clitordectomies? Honor murder?

Pakistan: Facebook helping Pakistani officials remove “blasphemous” content

Thanks to Religion of Peace via Robert Spencer, March 8, 2017:

“Place names of blasphemers on Exit Control List, IHC orders govt,” by Rizwan Shehzad, Express Tribune, March 8, 2017:

…Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui said on Wednesday that suspected blasphemers should be placed on the ECL, lest they attempt to flee and escape legal proceedings under the country’s law.

The IHC judge issued directions to “eliminate this [the blasphemous content]” and for “persons responsible be booked in criminal cases under the relevant provisions of law”….

Also present at the hearing was the PTA chairman, who said the elimination of blasphemous material and pages will require going through roughly 1.4 billion pages which is an uphill task, adding that blocking access to social media might not help as the pages could still be accessed by using proxies. He shared that pages were being removed with the help of the Facebook officials….

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