France: Proof That Governments Can’t Stop Mass Shootings or “Gun Violence”

The media keeps regurgitating this talking point. “America has the most gun violence among the developed Countries.” As to say, life only matters if you live in a developed country. So, if you live in a third world country your life doesn’t matter, “gun violence” is acceptable?

However, that talking point is factually wrong. The media lumps in suicides, gang violence, police shootings and self-defense shootings all under the term “gun violence”. This is a talking point thrown out by Moms Demand Action. The media has a tendency of turning to this Bloomberg group for facts, as one-sided as they are and incorrect.

France is considered one of those developed countries, also with very stringent gun control laws. Unlike the U.S., France does not have a Second Amendment and citizens do not have the right to privately own firearms. To obtain a firearm, citizens must first obtain a hunting license, for one to do so, they must first undergo a psychological evaluation, background checks, registration, and training.

Semi-auto rifles and handguns that hold more than 3-rounds, 22lr calibers and over require a permit. Full-auto firearms are illegal for civilian use. Anyone purchasing firearms illegally, if caught, can face up to seven years in prison, plus a fine.

Despite those stringent gun laws, France has been plagued with terrorist attacks, bombings, multiple shootings, and stabbings. The 2015 Charlie Hebdo attack left 12 dead and scores injured, the shooters carried a full-auto rifles, obviously bought illegally.  

The attackers in France aren’t buying their Kalashnikov and bomb-making materials from their local corner store. Rather, these weapons are coming off the black market.  Ever notice when Governments make a product illegal, it opens up a new buyers and seller’s market, a market that makes millions from the sale of illicit weapons and drugs?

What many either fail to understand or simply don’t care to, is man has been killing man from the dawn of time. Kane killed Abel with the jawbone of an ass. We can’t stop bad people from doing bad things. Additionally, gun control advocates will tell you, we can try to limit their access to deadly tools. That is somewhat true. However, when a person is dead set on doing evil, as the saying goes, where there is a will, there’s a way.

Case and point Mexico. Mexico has a population of 131,485, 609. They tout Chicago style gun control and citizens are only allowed one handgun and a few hunting rifles. With only one gun store in the entire country and with all these restrictions, they still see a rate of 7.64 per 100,000 firearm-related deaths.

America is no different when it comes to violence and access to weapons and drugs. One of the unintended consequences of making it harder for drug makers and dealers to buy materials from their local pharmacies. Is now, these drugs come in from Mexico and China and are now much more prevalent, and even cheaper than if they were manufactured here in the U.S.

What’s to say if we outright banned civilian ownership of firearms in the U.S. That we wouldn’t unintentionally create a black market for firearms. Cheaper and maybe better full-auto firearms for that matter. The same way drug dealers import Fentanyl from China, they can do the same for illegal guns.

As the sound of Christmas music can be heard throughout the Strasbourg market in France, so can the sound of automatic gunfire coming from a madman shouting Allahu Akbar. Automatic weapons, weapons that are banned and illegal to own in Europe.

So, why should the Lawless be armed and the lawful disarmed?

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