From A Minority And Legal Immigrant

I don’t know many people who have a problem with immigrants or immigration. I do know many people who have a problem with the abuse of the current system.

Nobody I know has a problem with immigrants coming here for a better life, fleeing oppressive governments or war-torn countries.

However, when you leave your home country and come to America, we expect you to follow the laws here. You know, like not slinging drugs and murdering people.

The people I know have a big problem with illegal immigration, if you start off by coming here illegally then you just broke your first law. They also have a problem with you living off the state, receiving taxpayer-funded medical, education and housing. They are circumstances you may be in that cannot help for that, that part we get.

When you come here, you should be coming to live the American dream. That entails working your ass off to support yourself and family, buy or build that house with the white picket fence, start your own business. This is why people leave their homes to come to America, not to turn whatever state they move to into a welfare state and live off the government funded taxpayer money.

Illegals living off the government, MS13, drugs, murder, home invasions, child sex trafficking. These are the problems people I know dislike, not the one’s who do it by the book and follow the law.

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