Gabrielle Giffords Gun Control PAC Has Endorsed Andrew Gillum

Gabrielle Giffords Andrew Gillum

The Democrat Andrew Gillum is running to be Florida’s next governor. The endorsement from the gun control PAC was greeted with great pleasure and excitement.

Giffords and Husband Mark Kelly are touring the country and throwing their support behind any politician who will fight for stringent gun control laws.

The PAC released a statement on Wednesday, Oct. 24th stating.

As mayor of Florida’s capital city, Andrew Gillum has witnessed the deadly cost of the state’s weak firearm laws over the past several years, which has made him a vocal supporter of strengthening Florida’s gun laws. He knows that we can do more to protect Florida families while respecting the Second Amendment. Andrew will fight for expanding background checks and funding gun violence intervention programs in impacted communities while opposing efforts to arm teachers. As Floridians from all walks of life rise up to demand action on the gun violence crisis, Andrew has the courage to lead them towards a better, safer future

Giffords PAC

Giffords added.

America experienced three of the deadliest mass shootings in modern history over one five month span.. Over 38,000 people in our country were killed by a gun in 2016. Florida has not been immune to this deadly crisis—somebody is killed by a gun in the state every three hours. Andrew understands the toll this epidemic takes on Florida communities

We are endorsing Andrew today because he acknowledges the heartbreak gun violence causes in his state, and he is working to stop it. His leadership will be critical for our next victories in Florida to prevent future tragedies. Giffords is proud to back Andrew Gillum, who has the courage to stand up to the corporate gun lobby

A Rasmussen poll shows Gillum, the Tallahassee Mayor at 48 percent over U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla 42 percent.

Also, see related article. Gillum PAC Receives $250K from George Soros, 93% of Donations from Outside of Florida.

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