Gabrielle Giffords, Traveling Around The Country Stumping For Gun-Control.


2015 was a hard-fought battle for gun-control proponents on the Democratic side, a battle in which they were defeated easily.

As history has shown us, when Democrats or any politician for that matter, run on a strong gun-control platform, it sends a bad message to gun-owning voters. Especially those in Red States.

Gun-owners do not take lightly to politicians misleading them on facts, especially facts they are well-versed in.

After the Stoneman Douglas shooting, we’ve seen a rise in youth participation in gun-control. This newfound activism has given hope to the seasoned gun-control veterans.

Giffords will no doubt use this Stoneman Douglas energy to travel around the country pushing and supporting Democrats who called for stronger gun restrictions.

At a town hall in Tucson on Sunday, Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick said 

This was a great turnout and in the rain. People didn’t mind getting wet because they feel so passionately about this election.

Mark Kelly told reporters 

We’ve got 150,000 people get shot every year in our country. 36,000 die. Since columbine, we’ve had about 150,000 children shot with a firearm. We are like no other country in the world on this. And what has this Congress and the previous congress and the one before that done? Nothing.



Florida was the next stop on Gifford’s gun-control tour.


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