Grand Jury Finds Resident Who Killed Home Intruder Justified

46 year-old Chambers who shot and killed a home intruder (Lazarides) back in July of 2016 faces no charges for the shooting, but will face charges for being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Chambers was justified in killing a home intruder who investigators say broke into his Southeast Portland house last year to rob him, a grand jury found.

The grand jury last week determined that Robert Chambers was acting in self-defense on July 14 when he shot Anthony James Lazarides, 30, sometime before 1 a.m.

Deputy District Attorney Steve O’Hagan said he couldn’t release details of the shooting because his office has a pending criminal case against Chambers for the gun possession charge.

In 2006, Chambers was the victim of another home invasion — that time by a man who was angry at him for a failed business transaction over the purchase of an ice cream truck. The intruder, who killed one of Chambers’ employees, held Chambers captive at gunpoint in his home for two hours before Chambers was able to escape.

At this time the investigation is ongoing.

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