Gun Buy-Back In Utica New York Nets 169 Firearms.

The word for the Attorney General’s Office is all collected firearms will be destroyed after they’re taken.

A total of 169 firearms were collected Tuesday at the gun buy-back event hosted by the AG’s Office and the Utica Police Department outside the Utica Recreation Center. Those firearms included: 5 assault weapons, 81 handguns, 60 rifles, 12 shotguns, and 11 non-working or antique guns.

The Program which started in 2013 in funded by Civil asset forfeiture, working, and non-working firearms were taken in for a gift card from $25 to $100 each depending on the caliber and condition of the gun.

Representatives with the state Attorney General’s Office say this event will help to make the community safer.

“It gets these guns out of commission and off the street and out of the hands of anyone who could potentially either accidentally intentionally use them for criminal activity or to harm someone,” said Patricia Bordonaro, Assistant Attorney General.

To date no statistics can be found that proves gun buy-back work.




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