Gunfight Broke Out Between a Woman And Two Home Invaders. Woman 1, Invaders 0 (Video)

A woman is alive today because she had the common sense to know, criminals don’t follow gun laws. So, she bought her own gun to protect herself.  

Two men are in police custody today after they force their way into a woman’s home at Coach House Apartments on 114th st and Holmes Road.

“There was an exchange of Gunfire between the homeowner and the suspects. The homeowner was not struck, and the suspects fled the scene,” KCPD spokesman Sgt. Jake Becchina said.

One of the men showed up at a nearby hospital a few hours after the shooting with a bullet wound.  That lead to his arrest and the arrest of his accomplice at a house two miles away from the Coach House Apartments.  

“The suspects, we believe, were here for a purpose. They came to this residence and left the scene very quickly once gunfire was exchanged,” Becchina said.

Women are the fastest growing group of gun-owners in America today, don’t be a victim. Shoot like a girl.  


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Mike Johnson