Heartbreaking: Dozens Turned out for Baby Jane Doe’s Funeral

The Press-Enterprise reported. Baby Jane Doe gets a proper funeral.

Baby Jane was found dead in a cardboard box off US15 Freeway in Corona back in July of this year.

Authorities couldn’t find Baby Jane Doe’s relatives, but continue trying to find out why she ended up abandoned, dead and wrapped in a T-shirt.

“I would have held her. I would have loved her,” said Montejano, one of the attendees who brought flowers and stuffed animals.

“I am so glad that God is holding her and loving her,” Montejano said. “But she deserved to have her life, too.”

Other attendees brought flowers, miniature living Christmas trees and stuffed animals and laid them at the casket.

An estimate of 70 people attended baby Jane’s funeral some carrying flowers, umbrellas and wearing raincoats fearing pending rain.

Jon Castillo, a Corona police chaplain and pastor said a short prayer.

“You’re not here because Baby Jane had the most beautiful voice because we were never given the opportunity to know what kind of a singing voice she had,” Castillo said. “You’re not here because she was able to write the most beautiful poem because she was never given the opportunity to write that poem.”

The Riverside County coroner has been unable to identify potential family members through DNA. However, the department is still investigating the case and looking for the public’s help.


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