Help Protect Shooting on Private Property in Warren County Missouri

On December 17th, the Warren County Commission will meet to decide whether to issue a conditional use permit (CUP) to a non-profit organization so that they may continue conducting firearms training on private property for select military personnel as well as for law enforcement from the region.  Please contact the Warren County Commission (636-456-3045) asking them to grant the CUP without restrictions, giving them their full rights under the law to carry out their mission.  The Foundation operates in a safe and responsible manner and only uses the site during hours and days that are intended to minimize the impact on its neighbors.  Click the “Take Action” button below to contact the commission.

The Patriot Training Foundation is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that provides various training at no cost to current and future military officers, select enlisted personnel in combat arms or lifesaving fields, and regional law enforcement departments.  They have conducted their firearms training since 2015 at a privately-owned quarry on 550 acres without incident or formal complaint.

Recently, their efforts to obtain a permit to continue their training brought them to the attention of those who disagree with their mission and who disagree with safe shooting being conducted on private property.  This opposition is led by a community that is 0.97 miles away at the closest points who make unsubstantiated complaints about noise and safety.  The distance and tall quarry walls provide for safe shooting and more than adequate noise abatement.  Two sound reading tests have shown that Patriot Training Foundation’s shooting activities at the quarry are inconsequential, even at the edge of this expansive community.

Please Click me to contact your Warren County Commission (636-456-3045) and asking them to support firearms training for military and law enforcement by granting the CUP.



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