I Can’t Trust Socialists When They Keep Lying to Me

By Rob Morse | SlowFacts

Lying to the public is both easier and harder than it used to be. Politicians used to say one thing to one voting block and then say the opposite to another. Now we can uncover those lies in a few seconds on the net. Unfortunately, the mainstream media makes it easier for politicians to lie. The media tells us not to believe our eyes and ears, that a politician didn’t say what they said. To some degree we want to believe the lies and pretend we can have something for nothing. That works for a while. I can’t believe Socialist politicians any longer because I’ve heard too many self-serving lies. They twist the truth on a regular basis. Here is what they say, what we hear, and what they mean.

  • Socialist politicians said we need to know if foreigners interfered in our elections. We thought that meant that elections should be fair and honest. Socialists meant that they can conduct a witch hunt against political Conservatives, but the Socialists then voted to let foreigners vote in our elections.
  • Socialists said walls don’t work. We heard that everyone has human rights. What Socialists politicians meant is that walls work around their mansions, but a secure border keeps out the new voters that Socialists need to stay in power.
  • Socialist politicians said everyone deserves free healthcare. We thought that meant cheap insurance. Socialists meant babies can be killed at any time before or after birth. Socialists healthcare doesn’t include medical aid to sick people in Venezuela.. aid which the Socialists Venezuelan government burned at the border.
  • Socialists said we need open immigration. We heard that America is the land of opportunity. Socialists meant that Socialist Hondurans are welcome, but not Venezuelan refugees who hate communism, and definitely not German homeschooling families who want a government small enough to leave them alone.
  • Socialists said that education should be free. We heard that student loans would be interest-free. What the Socialists meant is that we’d have to go to government-controlled schools.
  • Socialists said they support the first amendment, the right to assemble, to petition the government, and right of free speech. We heard that they support the right of open debate. Socialists meant that they get to decide who may speak on campus, in the news, and on social media. Hate speech is anything the Socialists don’t like. The victims of illegal immigrants were threatened with arrest when then gathered in the halls of Congress.
  • Socialist politicians said they respect the Second Amendment. We heard that our rights were safe. Socialists politicians meant they want guns for them, but not for ordinary citizens.
  • Socialists politicians said we need more gun control. We heard that criminals wouldn’t get firearms. Socialists meant that a government employee could confiscate your guns, but that a gun shop owner couldn’t call the cops when an illegal alien tried to buy a gun illegally. Funny that the feds will prosecute us for a paperwork error, but the feds ignore tens of thousands of felons who try and buy guns illegally.
  • Socialists said we need to confiscate guns to stop the “national emergency” of violence. We heard that all guns would go away. Socialist politicians meant they’d take away our firearms, but would have guns to protect them and their families. No one talked about how we’d get guns away from criminals.

Socialism says it is for “the people”.. except when it starves them and then burns relief trucks carrying food and medicine. In fact, Socialism means political elites use government power to rule everyone else. Unfortunately, too many millenials think they are the elite.

I’ve heard too many lies to believe Socialists now.

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