I recognize that crime can happen to ANYONE, ANYWHERE, at ANY TIME.

I recognize that there is ONE cop for every 1700 Citizens and that their response time to a 911 call is 7 to 9 MINUTES. ANY Honest cop will admit that they RARELY arrive in time to actually prevent a crime or stop one thats already in progress.

Given these above factors, I find it rather prudent to be prepared for the possibility that I may at some point have to defend myself or my loved ones from a criminal predator and I take appropriate steps to be prepared for that possibility.

Just like I wear a seatbelt when I drive, even though I have NO reason to “worry”, or “fear” I will be involved in a car accident, I recognize they are unpredictable, they happen when people least expect it, often caused by the actions of others, and not being prepared for one often has seriously negative consequences.

Just like I have smoke and CO Detectors, strategically placed fire extinguishers, and have an escape plan in case of a house fire. Its pretty unlikely that I actually WILL have a house fire. But the time to figure out how to deal with that and be prepared to do so is BEFORE it happens, NOT in the middle of it actually happening.

Its particularly notable that the survivors of criminal acts, whether its an individual woman who has been raped, or a whole bunch of people that survive a mass incident, the response is universally the same. They ALWAYS say “I never thought it could happen here”

Meaning, as a way to attempt to mentally cope with the idea that bad things can and do happen to innocent people on a fairly regular basis, for no apparent reason, they sub consciously delude themselves into thinking they are some how “insulated” from such events if they dont think about, prepare and plan for them.

I choose to recognize the World for what it IS, accept that and prepare accordingly, instead of naively convincing myself the World is they way I WISH it was

Said another way, do women that carry pepper spray “feel so unsafe” or “paranoid” that they have to carry it everywhere ? Or is that just being prudent ?

If its simply being “prudent” then why is that any different than carrying a gun ?

Borrowed from Ban Roberts FB page

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