Intruder Shot And killed In Mistaken Address (Video)

An Indianapolis man shoots and kills an intruder during a home break-in that police say stemmed from a mistaken address.

“It appears he was yelling to get into the residence because he believed his kids were in the house. It turns out the kids inside did not belong to him,” said IMPD officer Aaron Hamer.

Police say the suspect, identified as 34-year-old Percy Walker kicked down the front door, breaking the deadbolt and storming inside. That’s when he was shot and killed by a man in the apartment in front of two young kids, just 2 and 4 years of age.

“Honestly they thought someone was breaking into the residence. The individual got into the house after they told him he was at the wrong location. He was upset,” said Hamer.

Police reports show this month Walker violated a protective order from the mother of his children who lives at the same apartment complex, but in a different building.

Police say the nearby addresses led to Walker’s fatal mistake overnight.


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