Is Your School Prepared to Survive the Next School Shooting?

School staff training for an active shooter

By Laura Carno

When you drop your kids off for school in the morning, or wave goodbye to them at the bus stop, do you ever say a little prayer for their safety? Ask yourself this: Are your kids as safe as they can possibly be at school, or do you just pretend they are to get through the day?
Some parents can say, “Yes! My kids are safe!” because they know that trained medical and armed first responders are ready to protect their children in school. But, not every parent can say that.

Last year, I attended training for these armed first responders in Ohio. It’s called FASTER training which stands for Faculty / Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response. Essentially, it is training for school staff who volunteer to put their bodies between bullets and your kids — not their own kids— other people’s kids. Ohio has trained almost 900 people over the past 5 years. These 900 school staff members are nothing short of heroes in my book.

When I got back from FASTER training in Ohio, I vowed to bring this life-saving training to Colorado. Colorado kids deserve the same level of protection as Ohio’s kids!

I wrote an article about how the experience changed my life. Please read the whole thing.

Now, just 10 months later, we have our first Colorado FASTER class scheduled in June. We are offering this class through and organization I recently co-founded, Coloradans for Civil Liberties, in partnership with Independence Institute.

The Ohio training team is traveling to Colorado to train our Colorado training team, who will then conduct the ongoing FASTER Colorado classes.

Is Your School Prepared to Survive the Next School Shooting?
Is Your School Prepared to Survive the Next School Shooting?

FASTER training is for school staff who already have their Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP), and who have the permission of their school or charter board, or are on their way to having permission. We can also help school and charter boards with the process of granting permission.

I’m not asking for money, I’m asking for your help to save our children by identifying Colorado school staff members — those who have what it takes to volunteer to be those trained medical and armed first responders in their schools.

Now that we have our first class dates set in June, we want to make sure that first class is filled to capacity, and that we have waiting lists for our next classes.

Whether you are inside or outside of Colorado, do you know people in Colorado who are:

  • School staff members – teachers, administrators, janitors, etc. who would volunteer to save your children’s lives
  • School Board and Charter Board members – they are legally able to approve armed first responders in their schools.
  • School Board and Charter Board members who have already approved school staff members – this life-saving training is for their staff too.
  • Parents of children in Colorado schools – parents should demand that their kids are as safe as possible in schools, by being protected by FASTER trained school personnel.

Send this email to them. Ask them to read the article I wrote late year. Then ask them to go to and send me an email at I want to hear from them.

The tuition is $1,000 for a 3-day class for those schools and districts who have the training budget for a class like FASTER. We also have scholarships available. We never want anyone to miss out on FASTER training due to the budget constraints of their school or district.

One thing we know about school shootings is that they will happen again. If it does happen at your school, will you be prepared?

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