Jemel Roberson, A Hero Shot by Police

Where is it written that conservatives have to be aware of every shooting in America, and publicly comment on all of them? And why do conservatives always get the blame for society’s ills? We are but a small segment of the Republican Party. I am sorry and make no excuses other than I did not hear about this story before I was tagged in a post regarding it. I took a break from social media, but not from regular news and I still was not made aware of the information surrounding the shooting.

No. All conservatives are not racist just because you did not hear this shooting being mentioned in conservative circles. It actually says more about the media than it does about conservatives.

However, let me say as a gun owner, I am deeply saddened that we have lost another American Hero who fought valiantly and put his life above all others. Jemel put his life in danger to save total strangers with no regard for his own safety.

Now, where the NRA is concerned, I could understand why they would not make Philando Castile a black gun owner who was shot in his car in 2016 by Police while reaching in his back pocket for identification, but not before warring the Police he was in possession of a legal firearm, the poster child for gun ownership after information came out about illicit drug use in his car just before the shooting.

It’s been a few days since the shooting of Jemel and by now relevant information is being made available. I’m not slamming the NRA. However, it would be nice if this American Hero was highlighted and given the accolades he deserves from the NRA and many in the gun rights community. Needless to say, this incident was mentioned by the host of Cam & Company Cam Edwards on October, 12th. Mr. Edwards made mention of the shooting and recognize Jemel Roberson for the hero he was.

Jemel Roberson was a 26-year-old security guard and a legal gun owner who leaves behind a 9-month-old son and pregnant girlfriend to mourn his loss. Jemel was shot by an overzealous police officer while he was apprehending a violent criminal who had just open fire on Manny’s Blue Room, a bar Jemel worked at.

Moreover, this department and many others across the country need to put protocols in place when rolling up on a situation such as this where there was no immediate danger. After reading the CNN article, there was mention of an eyewitness statement, “the Midlothian Officer gave the armed subject multiple verbal commands to drop the gun and get on the ground before ultimately discharging his weapon and striking” the security guard.

Another witness, Adam Harris told WGN

“Everybody was screaming out, ‘He was a security guard,’ and they basically saw a Black man with a gun and killed him,”


Please take heed, if you are ever in a situation where you need to deploy your firearm and are confronted by police and they tell you to drop your weapon, please comply, the police want to make it home safe and we want you to make it home safe as well.

Additionally, I would like to say thank you to this American Hero for doing what many wouldn’t have the wherewithal to do. Jamal is a hero who possibly stopped what many in the media call a mass shooting, where four or more people were shot and killed in one event. Thank you Jemel, you are gone, but not forgotten.

If you care to donate and help this family out, a GoFundMe page has been set up to help cover funeral costs.

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