Karen Butler teaches thousands to “shoot like a girl”

Karen Butler is making her way across the country in an 18-wheeler. What’s inside the trailer is inspiring women from all over.

Karen is the woman behind the Shoot Like a Girl movement.

“I shot a gun and bow for the very first time. When I pulled that trigger and hit my target I had a confidence that I just felt like needed to be shared with every woman,” Butler said.

Inside the trailer women work with NRA certified instructors. Those instructors teach the safety fundamentals of shooting.

Regina Sanderson wasn’t completely new to the shooting world, but said she learned a lot from the simulation. Women can shoot a real bow and use a simulator to fire off pistols and rifles.

“I’ve only shot the shotgun before. And shooting a pistol that was much easier. Then moving over to the rifle made you feel pretty powerful,” Sanderson said.

She said the experience prepared her for a real life situation.

“You could not tell the difference between a real gun and that. I mean, you felt like you were shooting a real gun,” Sanderson said.

In 2016, more than 2,500 women visited the trailer. After learning how to shoot properly, 90 percent of them committed to gun sales.

Butler tells WHNT her mission is to grow the number of women in shooting sports by empowering them with the confidence that comes from the experience of shooting.

“What it gives to me is really a great gratitude. So, everybody spends their life looking for their calling. And I think this is my calling.”

If you would like to participate, the trailer will be at Cabela’s in Huntsville from 10 to 5 tomorrow. After that, the trailer will begin its coast to coast tour.

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