KEEP THOSE FEET TO THE FIRE: Are We ‘REALLY’ Better Off After Barack Obama?

Barack Obama is now out of office. We might finally be safe to question Obama’s policies without being called a racist. With that burden lifted, let us look at the last eight years. What can we learn from our successes and from our failures during Obama’s term?

The poor are poorer. I think that was the greatest tragedy of these eight years. Fewer of us are working. A higher minimum wage and increased regulation like Obamacare killed our jobs. Now, more of us are on government assistance. Fewer of us own our own homes, and fewer have their own profitable businesses. (Lots of people had to start their own side business as they lost their regular jobs.) No matter how hard they try, most of us will never fully recover from these eight years.

We are deeper in debt. More of us have student loans, and those loans are larger than before. (The cost of education went up while Obama was in office, even while the cost of many other things we buy went down. Hmm.) Besides student loans, our personal debts increased. The amount we saved went down.

We were not the only ones with a spending problem. Cities, states, and the federal government all took a record amount of our money in taxes. Our government spent that, and more. Government debt soared. More money was taken out of the economy and sent to the government rather than being invested in new companies. That hurts our children’s future.

We are more politically divided than when President Obama entered office. We voted for a black socialist and have been called racist ever since. Government is larger today than ever before. Special interests fight over the spoils as we heap taxes on the rich. Special interests fight over who will get government favors like tax breaks or laws regulating bathrooms. Large companies fight to regulate their competitors and give themselves an advantage. Government now regulates everything, from our light bulbs, to the rain that runs off our roofs, to what we’re allowed to say in church. The rich work harder to shelter their money than to build new productive businesses. Barack, you built that.

We have a lot to repair now that Obama is gone. Socialists blamed Bush. Now they will blame Trump. I expect to be called names at every turn since I don’t support Obama’s Socialist policies. I want a smaller government and more freedom, but so far, the media spin hasn’t slowed down a bit.

The Socialists can call me anything they want, but let’s fix this. We deserve a better future.

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