Legislature Moves to Undo Christie’s Concealed Carry Reforms

By Alexander Roubian

The New Jersey Legislature has moved to undo Governor Christie’s concealed carry reforms that he passed by Executive Order last week. As we mentioned last week, this Executive Order was nothing to get too excited about and we warned that this is exactly what we expected to happen.

Despite the fact that all his Executive Order did was allow victims of domestic violence like Carol Bowne a chance to potentially get a permit to carry, the anti self-defense bigots in the Legislature are determined to make sure no one can ever defend themselves with a gun in this state. The last thing they ever want to see in this state is a woman successfully defending herself with a gun from a violent attacker.

The two Bills are SCR 149 and ACR 234. The Senate version was already rushed past the committee and public comment period to make sure there were no delays to stop them from preventing armed self defense for victims of domestic violence. The text of the Bills are not even publicly available to read online! The Assembly companion Bill, ACR 234 is due for a vote this Thursday, March 16th. Sadly, the fact that these Bills were already pushed past committee, means the votes have already been counted and its going to pass. And with that, Governor Christie’s Executive Order is dead.

We are not going to waste your time telling you to “email or call your legislator,” because it will not make a difference. The votes are counted and the fix is in. Calling or e-mailing your legislator has historically never worked, ever, and will not work now. We are putting together a plan to attack the source of the problem with effective tactics. We just ask that you help by supporting the NJ2AS.

Everyone who joins NJ2AS or renews their membership in the month of March will automatically be entered into our March giveaway for four chances to win a custom IWB holster from Titan Concealment! So join today, help the fight, and get a chance to win an awesome holster.

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