LGBTQP+ Activist Advance Gay and LGBTQP+ Curriculum in New Jersey Schools

New Jersey is considered by many, a liberal Progressive Utopia, so it’s only understandable that they would follow California’s lead, another utopian state themselves.

Starting in the new school year of 2020-21 all public New Jersey schools must have an LGBTQP+ curriculum.

A new bill promoted and passed by Phil Murphy, requiring by law, that all schools must include lessons about the political, economic and social contributions of individuals who are gay and transgender.

The movement first started in 2016 when leaders started demanding LGBTQP+ sex Ed be taught in New Jersey schools. Nicole Cushman, executive director of America, a program based in Rutgers University within the Center for Applied physiology supports the sex Ed movement.

“The reality is that young people today are coming to terms with their sexual identity at younger and younger ages, and they’re more accepting than previous generations of LGBTQP+ individuals. They want sex education that is relevant and inclusive for all young people,” Cushman said.

Today the movement has turned its focus on expanding the LGBTQP+ curriculum even further. Gov. Phil Murphy, who promised to promote equality for gay and transgender people during his campaign was very happy to sign the bill. Jaime Bruesehoff of Vernon was among those celebrating the passage of the new bill.

Brussehoff has a 12-year-old transgender child, Rebekah, who spoke in support of the bill in Trenton in December.

“This bill is so important for our young people,” Bruesehoff said. “They need to see examples of themselves in the history being taught and in classes they are going to each day. We know representation matters.

“By learning about LGBTQ people who have made amazing contributions to their country, they are seeing possibilities for themselves and hope for the future,” she said.

Despite the fanfare of the passage of the LGBTQP+ bill, many have expressed concerns. Len Deo, president of the New Jersey Family Policy Council, said he opposed the bill because it infringed on parents’ rights.

“We believe it further erodes the right of parents to discuss this sensitive issue with their children, if in fact schools are going to be promoting and making the claim that this particular person was an LGBTQP+ member,” he said.

Deo went on to add, individuals should be included in lessons based on achievements without discussion of sexual orientation. He noted that New Jersey already has what many education experts consider the strongest anti-bullying law in the country.

No longer a slippery slope, we have now gone over the cliff. Not only are Americans being forced into accepting their delusionary, now we’re being forced to teach it. You are constantly told you are a science denier if you don’t believe in Global Warming and adhere to its ideology, the science is settled. However, the same people don’t believe human biology is settled and you can at will change genders.

Unfortunately, there is no coming back from this, we have gone way down the rabbit hole with no sight of return in the near future. The sole purpose of bills like this, is early indoctrination, brainwash them young and they’ll be none the wiser.

In 20 years millennials of that time will be indoctrinated into believing all humans are born gender neutral. They won’t remember a time when humans were actually born a specific gender, just as many today don’t’ believe there was a holocaust.

The fact that many today denied there was a holocaust, points to a failure in our school system and the willingness to teach factual history.

If student can opt-out of religious studies, will the same option be available to students who would rather not be indoctrination by politically motivated teachings?

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