Look At This Koon Kanye West.

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Make no mistake Kanye West is by no means a conservative, neither is he the Token Black”. A label the left has been using to denigrate him over the last few months.

I won’t join his fans and characterize him as brilliant, rather, what I will say about him is he’s open-minded. Something many on the left are seriously lacking.

Furthermore, after the outright display of incivility during the Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings, the Democrats have demonstrated their lack of humility, decency, and respect.

From the Inception of Trump’s Presidency, Democrats in the media and political sphere have labeled Trump racist, homophobic, xenophobic and many I may have forgotten to mention here.

Democrats have made it clear they have no intentions of working with President Trump, and are putting everything on the line in hopes of winning back the house in November with the intention of impeaching Donald Trump.

Nevertheless, any left-wing obstructionist should lose.

Kanye West, not one to be held back by party politics, has reached out an Olive Branch to Donald Trump. A branch he hopes will bear fruit for his black community. Despite Kanye’s good intentions to help his people, many prominent voices on the left want no part of it.

The outspoken celebrity has made it clear his desire to run for office in 2024, therefore who knows if this is another publicity stunt or if his intentions are pure. Regardless of his intent, Kanye is doing something many on the left should be doing, trying to bridge the party divide.

Many on the left need to take a leaf out of Kanye’s book and start working on moving the country forward. At lease that “token black” is doing something, can you say the same?

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