Madonna goes topless in solidarity with Katy Perry’s naked vote

The Queen of Pop wants to rock the vote — in the buff.

Madonna tweeted plans to cast her ballot while naked in solidarity with Katy Perry after the pop artist released a parody public service announcement through Funny or Die and the nonprofit Rock the Vote.

The provocative 58-year-old pop icon showed off a topless selfie early Wednesday and she would be supporting Hillary Clinton in the November election.

“Im voting naked with Katy Perry,” wrote Madonna, hinting that more nude pics for a voting series may be on the way.

Madonna was sporting a grill plate on her teeth for the cropped photo.

Madonna posted a topless selfie early Wednesday responding to Katy Perry's video encouraging young people to vote.

Although Perry’s video was presented satirically, it’s unclear if Madonna will take its message literally and strip for an absentee ballot or voting booth near her Upper East Side mansion.

The Material Girl has a history of pushing sexually suggestive motifs to encourage young people to complete their civic duty.

Madonna famously draped her bikini-clad body with an American flag for the controversial commercial that aired on MTV, kicking off the first “Rock the Vote” drive in 1990. The progressive voter outreach group recruits celebrities to campaign.

In the commercial, Madonna dances alongside two men in tight jean shorts and combat boots urging voters ages 18 to 24 to register for the midterm election and hit the voting booths.

Her video sparked protest by the Veterans of Foreign Wars who took offense to her “desecration of the flag.”

“Doctor King, Malcolm X/Freedom of speech is as good as sex/Abe Lincoln, Jefferson Tom/They didn’t need the atomic bomb,” Madonna raps to the tune of her ‘90 hit “Vogue.”

“And if you don’t vote, you’re going to get a spanking,” Madonna added, coquettishly.

It’s not known if any other celebrities have suggested they will follow Perry’s jesting call to action to vote naked.

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