But for some reason, our government has de-emphasized the need keep track of sovereign citizens and raise awareness of the movement among law enforcement. Last year, the SLATT program was cut. About 25 instructors lost their jobs.. The DOJ decided not to fund it. No one knew why. But I still go out on my own.

Federal law enforcement agencies consider the movement a serious enough threat to put out reports on them, but they don’t actually collect intelligence on individual sovereigns like they would jihadists. I agree taxes are too high, but I don’t think we should go against the government, certainly not with guns.

The FBI keeps databases on violent gang members that local police can access, so why can’t they do the same for sovereigns? The government ought to collect and store information about this group that officers can be alerted to in cases like traffic stops, especially if the individuals  have a criminal history.

Maybe Obama didn’t want to stir right-wing extremists up by cracking down on them. I think he skirted around the issue. He never came down on these groups like I thought they would, not even on the white supremacists. I never understood why the government doesn’t put more effort into stopping homegrown terrorism.

I’m hopeful that the Trump administration will do more about the the threat of domestic terrorism, but reports that he’s shutting down a Department of Homeland Security program doesn’t bode well. I know the president says he is going after ISIS, but I’ve never heard anything about what he plans to do the dangerous extremists most likely to kill police.

Photo: Two firefighters suspend a flag during the funeral of slain police Sgt. Brandon Paudert. (AP/Danny Johnston)