NO! Gab is not a white supremacist website..


There’s no disputing the fact that white supremacist do frequent Gab’s website along with a whole bunch of other racist degenerates. Unfortunately, that is one of many costs associated with freedom.

Additionally, Gab is a small, but growing website and it’s extremely difficult for a website of that size and staff to monitor every single post, especially when the site lends itself as a place for freedom of speech and uncensored dialogue.

As a black man it stings a little when I see racist comments or post anywhere, but to call gab a white supremacist website is disingenuous and downright lazy. Any Google search for will yield a whole host of news articles calling the website far-right or a Neo-Nazi website, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

Consequently, gab is still in its early stages and is not as advanced as Google, Facebook or Twitter. Gab does not have the staff the funding or the backing to implement algorithms like the big Silicon Valley Tech companies do. Furthermore, I doubt they want to.

Any journalist worth their weight in salt will tell you the same degenerates you find on Gab, you’ll find on any other big social media platform.

Take Twitter for instance. Gab advertises itself as an alternative to Twitter. One can sit and watch a multitude of porn videos and drool over x-rated pictures all day on Twitter’s platform. And surely there’s no shortage of hate speech and hypocrisy.

However, the mere idea of a website that offers free speech scares many in Silicon Valley, their means of controlling the narrative and ideas are slowly slipping away.

I hope you found the information here useful, it’s one bit of truth in a sea of Lies.

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