Nobody Needs an Assault Style AR-15 for Hunting.

In America, we are having a national conversation about the epidemic of gun violence.


STOP! The only people having a conversation about “gun violence” in America, are the gun prohibitionists in the mainstream media and the paid Bloomberg mommies.

There’s no epidemic of “gun violence” in America. Furthermore, “gun violence” is on the decline, as per FBI statistics.

We here in America and especially at the WeeklyCaller are deeply saddened by this senseless shooting and careless loss of life in the Christchurch, New Zealand mass shooting.

Additionally, no gun owners we know celebrate the loss of life, but rather celebrate life itself. History has shown us that these mass shootings only serve as the impetus for more gun control and less overall freedom for us here in the U.S. This was one of the shooters wishes as stated in his manifesto.

As politicians struggle to pass laws based on feelings and not facts, we know these new gun control laws will not stop “gun violence” the next mass shootings or stop a violent criminal from obtaining a firearm.

The empty rhetoric and misinformation used to describe the weapons used in the Christchurch and many other mass shootings and the mass shooter himself, only goes to highlight one thing, very few politicians actually have a basic understanding about the instruments they seek to pass laws on.

It’s the same as asking a 70-year-old janitor to pass laws on space exploration. Nothing against 70-year-olds or janitors. However, when these same politicians seek to pass laws on other areas of importance, they seek out professional advice. Sadly, not when it comes to gun laws. The moral high ground is their authority on the subject.

After the Christchurch, New Zealand mass shooting, we heard many empty terms thrown out by the Prime Minister of New Zealand. Terms like, high capacity magazines (standard size), high caliber rifles (223) and weapons that continually shoot (semi-auto). All garbage rhetoric meant to scare and misinform the already uninformed public.

However, the fact remains, more laws will be passed that do not address the root cause of these shootings, but rather the tools used. We will continue to see these mass shootings and shootings in less fortunate neighborhoods, Chicago comes to mind.

Gun owners need to quickly come out and boldly voice their concerns about these types of shootings and condemned them before the other side does.

Moreover, gun rights activist who studie “gun violence” know that public shootings are on the decline. Unfortunately, the mainstream media is painting a different picture, they would have us believe that gun crimes are on the incline and for obvious reasons.

Many in the mainstream media here in the U.S. are simply put, paid activist or propagandist for the left and the left’s Cause du jour, which is gun control.

The Second Amendment (2A) to the U.S. Constitution says nothing about hunting. Our 2A is merely a stop gap to a tyrannical Government. The founders knew Governments can sometimes turn on its very citizens, and this is the reason the founding fathers saw fit to put the right to bear arms second in the Constitution, not to shoot deer. Rather, shoot tyrannical Dictators in Government.


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