One man is dead after a home invasion resulting in gun fire


One man is dead after a home invasion altercation resulted in a shooting Sunday morning.

The Licking County Sheriff says an intruder, identified as 27-year-old Samuel Beskid II, entered a home in the 9100 block of Graceland Lane Road in St. Louisville.

Investigators believe Beskid drove from Guernsey County to Licking County and arrived at the home around 5 a.m.

Licking County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy, Chad Dennis, said Beskid entered the house through an unlocked back door with a gun and a flashlight and went into the bedroom.

That’s where Donny Gayheart and Kayla Bennett were sleeping.

“Mr. Beskid asked the subjects to get out of the bed. At some point during this conversation, there were multiple threats made, firearm was out,” Dennis said.

Investigators said Gayheart was able to grab a gun he owned and shot Beskid multiple times, killing him.

Gayheart’s two children, ages 14 and 7, were home at the time.

“They’re doing ok, obviously very shaken up,” Dennis said.

Investigators said Beskid and Bennett had a past relationship and last month the two were involved in a domestic violence situation in Guernsey County.

“A domestic violence complaint, filed by Kayla Bennett,” Dennis said.

Dennis said the owner of the home, Donny Gayheart, will not be charged in this incident.


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