Opinion: Do Democrat Politicians Believe Black People are Stupid?

Democrat politicians really do believe black people are stupid.

Now that the 2020 elections are around the corner, left-wing politicians have been pandering even harder to voters since Trump took office. Out touting their support for reparations the Green New Deal and any other extreme progressive cause. However, when the time came to actually vote on the Green New Deal (GND), none of the progressive Democrats voted for the bill, Instead, they voted present.

2020 Democratic candidates were given an opportunity to vote on GND, a far left-wing cause that they talked up at rallies, in the media and supported 100%. When the opportunity came around for these candidates to vote on this bill, Republicans called their bluff and the Democrats showed their hand. They never actually supported the bill, they were just pandering to their base.

Furthermore, Democrats not standing by their word and supporting the Green New Deal, brings us to why the belief is that Democrats do not care about their voters or the black community. For years, Democrats have been pandering to black voters, whether by using racism or identity politics, the Democrats have always been good at the divide-and-conquer tactic.

In a heated House Judiciary Committee on combating white nationalism and hate crimes. Rep, Ted Lieu used a carefully selected snippet of a video to disparage and damage the reputation of black Conservative commentator Candace Owens. After the showing of the video, Miss Owens attempted to clarify what was said in the video, then noted “I think it’s pretty apparent that Mr. Lieu believes that black people are stupid and will not pursue the full clip in its entirety,” Owens said.

But the truth is, many black people will not attempt to find and watch the video in its entirety. Most won’t care and will rely on Rep, Lieu’s interpretation. Why? Well, because he’s a Democrat and can do no wrong.

After many years of failed policies, high taxes, dilapidated and crime-ridden cities, black people continue to vote for the same faces, same names, election after election. So, there is no wonder Democrats never change their winning strategies.

Which brings us to reparations, Obama never ran on reparations and he had two terms in which he could have done so. In fact, he opposes the idea. “I have said in the past — and I’ll repeat again — that the best reparations we can provide are good schools in the inner city and jobs for people who are unemployed,” Obama said.

If the black community thought that reparations were a number one priority, Obama had the swag and know how to introduce such a bill. But here comes Cory Booker, AKA Spartacus with nothing to run on and nothing to offer the black community, so he introduces reparations. Just like the Green New Deal, this too will leave the Democrat base wondering what the hell happened.

Here’s a novel idea, how about instead of politicians pitting us against each other, blacks against whites, rich against poor, that they actually run on a platform of inclusion. Don’t we deserve a politician who’s going to bring the country together?

We deserve politicians and a President on either side of the aisle who’s not going to tell us what we want to hear, rather, what we need to hear. Until then don’t hold your breath.

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