Over Two Million People Have Left New Jersey For Greener Pastures

United Van Lines, ranked one of the largest household goods moving company in the U.S. conducted a study on what were the top states people were coming from and moving to in 2018.

Their study revealed people favored moving further west to states like these top four:

  1. Vermont (72.1% inbound, 27.9% outbound)
  2. Oregon (63.8%)
  3. Idaho (62.4%)
  4. Nevada (61.8%)

Studies also reveal people moved into these four states for better financial opportunities, fewer government restrictions, and cheaper retirement cost.

The top four states for people moving out of were:

  1. New Jersey (66.8% outbound, 33.2% inbound)
  2. Illinois (65.9%)
  3. Connecticut (62%)
  4. New York (61.5%)

[*Percentages are based on total moves for that state. For example, 72.1% of moves in Vermont were inbound, so 27.9% were outbound to make 100%.]

Studies also found people moving out of these states complained about high taxes, high cost of living and dwindling pension funds.

With New Jersey being the top state for residents leaving, they lost an estimate of 18 billion in income over a ten year period, that’s from more than two million people who left the state for greener pastures.

People who left the state complained about high property tax, high-income tax, sanctuary city policies, and Government corruption.

The Business and Industry Association was quoted as saying “This outmigration of New Jersey residents has had a substantial and continuing negative impact on the state’s economy,” they further added “When New Jerseyans leave the state they not only take their income with them, but they take income taxes, sales taxes, property taxes and purchasing power with them as well.”

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