Political Lies and the Aging Revolution

By Rob Morse | SlowFacts

The Venezuelan government is murdering its people. The government took over education and now the schools are closed. The government took over the Venezuelan oil industry and now there is no oil or gas. The government took over hospitals and the power grid, and patients die in the dark. The government took over the news media, and now the Venezuelan people only receive propaganda.. on the rare occasion when there is power to run their radios and TVs. How is this possible?

The Venezuelan government said they would protect the people. The government confiscated private guns.. and then gave guns to gangs of thugs loyal to the Venezuelan government. Now, the Venezuelan military and its Cuban advisors shoot unarmed civilians. The army uses their armored cars to run over protesters.

I could shake my head and feel superior.. except US politicians today say to us the same things that Chavez and Maduro said years ago. This isn’t the slippery slope of politics leading good men to political corruption. This is a well worn path of Socialist lies. Do you recognize these campaign talking-points.. and the subsequent excuses? Have you been paying attention?


  • We need to make education free to everyone.
  • So everyone feels included on campus, we need to impose a few common sense restrictions on free speech.
  • Conservative speech is violence.
  • The student body has to reflect our country’s new future. Conservative ideals are outmoded in their insistence on morality and truth.. said the Socialist candidates.

Energy Policy-

  • The county is finally independent of foreign sources of oil and gas.. so Socialists propose eliminating fossil fuels and taking over the oil companies.
  • These new restrictions on energy will soon payoff in lower healthcare costs and greater employment as we retool our economy.
  • These economic ups-and-downs happen to everyone. We have a few shovel ready projects that will get the economy rolling again.
  • Fossil and nuclear power plants are unsustainable. Besides, you should walk more.
  • Of course government officials can use cars even when you can’t.. said the Socialist politician everywhere.

Open Borders-

  • Heaven doesn’t have borders.
  • Immigrants only take the jobs our citizens won’t do.
  • Those are not criminals since you really can’t compare the justice system in one country to the justice system in another country.
  • Didn’t you listen? Of course illegal immigrants have the right to vote and go on welfare.. said the Socialists candidates.

Health Care-

  • Everyone deserves free health care.
  • Illegal immigrants have the right to social security benefits. Sign up right here where you register to vote.
  • Your medical care is now provided by the same people who run the DMV and Social Security. They will determine when you’re eligible for treatment. Just take a number and wait.
  • Of course government officials can have their own healthcare system.. said the Socialist candidates everywhere.

Economic Freedom-

  • How can you protest paying taxes when some people are still in need?
  • We need to control rents since people can no longer afford their own homes.
  • Taxes need to increase so we can meet government pensions because breaking our promises would be unfair to workers.
  • We’re not trying to control you. We only need you to file this certificate so we can plan for the changing economy.
  • Everything that is not permitted is not allowed.. said the Socialists politicians.

Armed Defense-

  • I’m a gun owner too. We’d never take your guns.
  • Rape is not a violent crime, so guns and pepper spray are not allowed on campus. Disarming you is for your own good.
  • Safety comes first. That is why anyone can demand you be disarmed so that someone else feels safe.
  • You must be a terrible shot if you need an AR rifle for defense. The police will protect you and only government employees should be armed.. with AR rifles of course.
  • Anyone who doesn’t turn in their guns is a violent revolutionary and should be jailed or shot for the public good.. said the Socialists politicians everywhere.

These quotes are straight from the campaign speeches of our current crop of Socialists candidates.. and from the news coverage of the Venezuelan “revolution”.  They overlap, and I can’t tell where one ends and the other begins.

It turns out that our Socialist candidates are not as modern and cutting edge as they claim. Their campaign proposals are the same old something-for-nothing promises that lured people to socialism before. I’m hearing the same old “revolution” wrapped in well-worn lies. Those lies don’t age well.

They call it a political “campaign” for a reason. Will the same old lies work this time?

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