Remington Arms moving out of New York, lays off 122


Remington Arms is moving out of anti-gun New layoff at a time.  They expand their production in Alabama during a market increase, and cut from the New York plant during the downturns.  I guess elections have consequences as New York voters raised both the price of doing business and of owning a gun in NY.

Remington Arms Co. has laid off 122 workers at its Ilion plant due to slowing sales.”The small arms industry is facing significant near-term challenges related to slowing order velocity and high channel inventories; a dynamic from which Remington is not immune,” said a statement from Jessica Kallam, Remington’s manager of media relations and public affairs. “After exploring all the options available to us, we are compelled to reduce our work force by releasing 122 team members today at our Ilion, N.Y. site. As we move forward, we will continue to monitor all segments of the business for growth opportunities.”

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