Some Trump Supporters are Having Buyer’s Remorse.

Donald Trump was the featured speaker at the Arkansas Republican Party’s Reagan Rockefeller Dinner at the Hot Springs Convention Center on July 17, 2015.

Like many Presidents before him, Trump made many promises on the Campaign Trail, which he has neglected to deliver on. He is not alone in this regard. If you can remember this far back, “if you like your doctor, you can keep him.”

Trump can be coarse and rough around the edges, factors many voters overlooked for what they considered the greater good or the lesser of two evils.

During Trump’s Presidential run in 2016, he made many promises, one constantly mentioned promise was building a border wall. Another promise that stuck with conservatives was “I’m a strong supporter of the Second Amendment.”

The Wall

One well-known conservative commentator and author made her disapproval known.

Ann Coulter, a long supporter of Trump has also been very critical of his handling of the wall. In an article on her blog, she wrote.  

If you were elected president after decades of politicians doing nothing about the millions of illegals pouring into our country every year, committing crimes, dealing drugs, driving drunk, molesting children and killing Americans like Kate Steinle, and your central campaign promise — repeated every day — was to build a wall, wouldn’t you have spent the entirety of your transition period working on getting it done.

As misguided as it was. One veteran was able to raise a little over 9 million dollars to help fund the building of a wall. What many who donated fail to understand is, your tax dollars are collected for that purpose, building the wall. But instead of using our tax dollars to build the wall, we are now paying 5 billion in hostage money to Mexico. If we don’t give Mexico this money, they won’t stop the Caravans of migrants from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador from crossing into Mexico and heading to the U.S. border.

As of tonight December, 21st the Government is partially shut down after the House and Senate failed to pass a spending bill.


Bump Stocks

The bump-stock ban is that slippery slope that leads down to a hotbed of nails. Ouch.

Trump decreed via an executive order that the bump-stocks be banned. Justice Department officials said that any weapons modified with a bump-stock, a type of device that attaches to the butt of a rifle and uses the energy of the gun’s recoil to automatically fire another round will be classified as machine guns, meaning that only law enforcement agencies can use them. In other words good for me, but not for thee.

So that slippery slope I mentioned, here it is. On December 19th, Dianne Feinstein wrote an opinion piece for the Washington Post

“To ensure a ban is implemented and protected from legal challenges, Congress must still pass a law banning bump-stocks and other similar devices, such as trigger cranks.”

Many on the left won’t rest with just a bump-stock ban, soon binary triggers will be next, magazines, then the entire rifle.

Constitutionalists argue the bump-stock ban is unconstitutional, also it could have been used as a bargaining chip in Congress to trade for something Republicans really desired.

Additionally, if this bump-stock ban is allowed to stand unchallenged, Trump would have just set a president for the next Democratic President who suddenly decides he wants to ban something via executive order, that possibly could be a 15-round magazine.

That next Democratic President can use the argument, well Trump did it, a Republican President, and you said nothing, so why can’t we ban magazines over 15-rounds.

Yes, Trump has delivered on some promises that would make conservatives proud. His Supreme Court picks, rolling back of some EPA regulations, moving the embassy to Jerusalem, tax cuts and lowering unemployment rates.

However, the bump-stock ban is baffling to say the least. A lawsuit has been filed challenging the ban, so we’ll see how far that goes.


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