SPINNING LIES: Will Heavy Anti-Trump Bias Poison ALL ‘MSM’ News Reporting?

I’m writing this before the inauguration of Donald Trump. I’m already listening to the legacy media spin the news, and Trump isn’t even in office yet. We should expect a steady stream of propaganda for the next eight years as the Socialists and RINOs try to discredit our choice for president. Count on it, and chose your news carefully.

The media spin isn’t subtle. It is amazing how hard the Socialists need to spin the news to feel comfortable. Yes, the legacy media tells the socialist minority the lies they want to hear. Please ask yourself this question over the next few days. Which event got more media coverage? Did the media report on the hundreds of thousands of American citizens who marched for life in DC… and in cities across the nation… or did the legacy media report on the handful of paid actors who protested Trump’s inauguration?

Told ya. The media wants us to focus on their issues rather than the real news. Dear mainstream media, your bias is showing… Again.


Look at how legacy media spun the news in order to create new classes of “victim-activists”. There will be a hundred thousand women marching to stop state-funded abortion. The legacy media will extensively cover a few progressive women who don’t like our new president. The legacy media will claim that all women dislike Trump.

That is paid propaganda, not reporting the news.

Don’t expect honesty from the legacy media. This is the same media who leaked debate questions to Hillary Clinton during the campaign. They cleared their “news articles” with Democrat campaign managers. This is the same same media who magnified Trump scandals. At the same time, the legacy media ignored the billion dollar pay-to-play corruption of the Clinton Foundation.

For the last eight years, the legacy media couldn’t see anything wrong as corruption flourished in DC.


This is the same media who hid Obama’s corruption as our ex-president violated the law time after time. Socialists politicians looked the other way. All that will change now that Trump is in office. There are millions of contradictory laws on the books. The media and the Socialist politicians will demand that Trump follow every one of them… to. the. letter.

That isn’t a double standard. The media will shift from no-standards-at-all… to condemning each imperfection in the Trump administration.

The Socialists and the legacy media will have company. The RINOs will join them because Trump threatened their graft as usual. I’ll ask you now to carefully consider who you believe… and what you believe. For the next eight years, we will have to search hard to simply get the facts… and search harder to understand what they mean.

There is a small sliver of good news in this propaganda war. You wouldn’t read a minor writer like me if the legacy media was scrupulously honest. I’d trade all my readers for a few more honest reporters.

In the meantime, don’t confuse the legacy media with reality… or the news.

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