Stop Bringing Your Failed Liberal Politics to Our Red States

You destroyed your state now you’re encroaching on mine.

Democratic voters have a tendency of blindly voting for every conceivable feel-good liberal policy or law. Some entity has to enforce these policies and laws. Therefore, you just voted to expand your local government.

To enforce these policies and laws an entity has to be formed, people have to be employed, these people have to be paid. That money needs to come from somewhere. It’s coming from you, the voters.

Gov. Phil Murphy of New Jersey ran on a platform of restricting gun rights and turning NJ into a sanctuary state. Despite that being a social justice move, it’s also against federal law.

The beneficiaries of sanctuary city policies are here illegally in this country and don’t have a legal right to work here. So how will they get by? Some work off the books, some get by from government handout programs in the form of, free education, free IDs, welfare and housing.

The government doesn’t have or run businesses, the money needed to implement and run these programs have to come from somewhere, it comes from working taxpayers. When there’s not enough money in the coppers for these programs, taxes need to be raised, your taxes. Your property tax, your income tax, your sales tax, and your school tax will all need to go up in order for these programs to succeed.

Yes, all of that you voted for.

Five years ago Virginia and Florida had bragging rights on freedom. Now, because of all the implants coming from the north and bringing their liberal policies with them, these states are now spiraling downward.

It’s bad enough people living in red states having to deal with billionaires buying elections in their state and implementing anti-gun policies and laws, now they have to deal with implants coming from the north dragging their failed liberal policies with them.

When it comes to gun laws, the New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg wants to turn every state into New York City. He’s flying his minions around the country to every State House to lobby for gun laws and testify against or for laws that he deems best for us.

John Kasich and I don’t see eye to eye on much, but one thing he did say that made sense to me was, the gun laws that work in New York City metro area are not necessarily the gun laws that are going to work in the rural areas of the country.

Bloomberg is the same billionaire that wants to ban salt, pizza, styrofoam cups/plates, large sodas and cigarettes in New York. He is one of the good for me, but not for thee betters looking down on us from his Ivory Tower.

The reason why you are running away, is because you made your state burdensome and unlivable. You made your state overtaxed and over-regulated, one would think you would have learned from this.

If you voted for these policies in the past, stay and face the music. Otherwise, start working on changing the laws and policies in your state instead of running away from them and dragging them with you. Even if you did or didn’t support these policies, you should leave those policies behind when you leave for better states, your policies obviously didn’t work or you would have stayed.

Less government, less tax, more freedom, it’s the American way.

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