Store Clerk Shot Twice as he Opened the Cash Register, he Didn’t Even see it Coming

A store clerk is in hospital today nursing two gunshot wounds after being shot twice during a convenience store robbery.

In the surveillance, video a man can be seen walking up to the store counter with a drink, as the clerk opens the register to make change, he’s suddenly shot twice by the suspect.

As soon as the clerk went down from the gunshots, the suspect can be seen going behind the counter, he takes all the money from the register while holding the gun on the clerk.

After being shot twice, one in the arm and stomach, the clerk, Suresh was able to get to his phone and dial 911 for help.

“He’s a really nice guy, worked six days a week, never been late. I’ve never had a complaint about him. I own 3 different locations. He’s my best employee,” store owner Muhammad Javed said.

We are constantly told, “just comply, they only want your money” well, until they don’t. Then hardworking folks just minding their own business get shot.

Unfortunately, there is nothing Suresh could do in this instance, it was a surprise attack, even if Suresh had a firearm, it would have been of no use to him. That’s not to say he shouldn’t have one.

Oklahoma City Police said the shooter appears to be Hispanic and in his 30s.

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