The 2nd Amendment Fight Continues in New Jersey

New Jersey’s corrupt politicians


The NRA boasts of having five million gun owning members across the country, just imagine for a minute how this country would look if those five million gun owners actually got activated politically and came out every election and voted pro-freedom.

The NRA allocates valuable resources to vetting every candidate based on Second Amendment freedoms, after that vetting process each candidate receives a score from A to F, F being a failing grade.

Additionally, a week before any election the NRA sends out mailers giving you a heads-up of the pro-gun candidates running in your state, which in turn makes your voting decisions a lot easier providing you’re a member of the NRA. If not, you can always subscribe to their email newsletter.

New Jersey is one of those states that suffers from an abundance of stupid and would benefit greatly if their armed populous was better informed, better organized and better motivated to vote.

Furthermore, the state also boasts of having one million gun owners, with such a high number of gun owners it’s amazing the state legislators are able to pass as many anti-gun laws as they see fit. It’s as though those high numbers carry no political weight.

However, New Jersey Democrats were motivated this election and doubled the turnout of the 2014 election with more than 625,000 people voting to upset the Trump effect.

We don’t know if those voting gun owners in New Jersey could have stopped Bob Menendez. A senator brought up on corruption charges in 2017 from being reelected, what we do know is this has emboldened the corrupt politicians in New Jersey to dig their heels in on gun control even further.

With Menendez being reelected to the Senate, and the House and Senate controlled by corrupt Democratic politicians and a Governor hell-bent on destroying the states Second Amendment, we can be sure anti-gun legislation will be coming down the pipeline very shortly and with little to no opposition.

Moreover, Phil Murphy New Jersey’s Governor stated in a self-made Facebook video just after the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting, that he will  be supporting what he calls their “gun safety package 2.0.” He also referenced four gun control initiatives NJ legislators will be undertaking. Those would be. Cracking down on gun trafficking, tightening restrictions on ammo purchases, accelerating smart gun technology and violence prevention programs. Despite all these new initiatives, not once in his video did he mention higher penalties for criminals caught with a firearm in the commission of a crime.

However, there is still a sliver of Hope, gun owners still have SCOTUS. Thanks to Trump the Supreme Court is being stacked with conservative judges who still adhere to the Constitution.

New Jersey residents here is how you can help, and no you don’t have to be a gun owner.

Please join or donate to the groups below and put your money where your mouth is.

The ANJRPC has filed a legal brief on New Jersey’s mag ban.

The Mark Cheeseman right to carry case.

CNJFO is also fighting to end justifiable need in New Jersey.

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