The Kavanaugh Dog And Pony Show

Photo: AP/Saul Loeb


I’m not saying this as a Republican or as a Libertarian, but as a concerned citizen.

The Democrats want so badly to control every aspect of our lives that they’ll stop at nothing. In turn, they’ll pass legislation that undermines our Constitution, in order to uphold that legislation they need the Supreme Court. Democrats will pull out all the stops, and will fight tooth and nail to make sure the Supreme Court does not swing in a majority Conservative. Because, that will undermine their 100-year plan.

Stopping Kavanaugh entails destroying an otherwise respectful decent and upstanding judge’s reputation and credibility.

I am saddened by today’s beclowing and sad to say I was once a Democrat. The “monkeying around” today was beyond mind-blowing. This entire process was a clown show from day one.

When Kennedy announced he was stepping down and prior to Trump picking his nominee, the members of the Democratic party announced they would oppose any nominee Trump pick.

No matter who Trump picked, I fear the outcome would have been the same. False allegations, misdeeds drugged up from the past, whatever it took.

Ultimately this is all a stall tactic to see if they can run out the clock until November’s election, in hopes of picking up Senate seats with the goal of blocking any confirmations and ultimately impeaching President Trump.

This is why the dog and pony show?

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